sexta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2008

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Hello everyone,
This is me in one of my visits to my hometown, Cochabamba. One of the things that I like very much is hot, spicy food. What I am holding here is called "locoto", which is the pepper we use to make "llajua"(a hot pepper and tomato sauce) in Bolivia. You can find "locotos" of the yellow, red and green species and each one has a slightly different taste. The ones I have here are our own home production. In fact, all of them come from one single overproductive little plant n my dad's backyard.
"Llajua" is very good with any kind of food. Have you ever tried the spicy sauce served at Mexican restaurants? It tastes very much like that. So do you think you would enjoy eating "llajua"?

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Daniela Meyer disse...

Hello Pat,

Great picture! And you and I chose the same template... great minds think alike?!? :) Just kidding!

I love reading about your typical dish. I am into gourmet eating, which, in my definition, translates into anything that is edible, interesting and full of flavor. I dislike hot and spicy, though. So I guess I would not be game for your locotos or whatever they´re called.

But I do want to go to Bolivia!


Dennis disse...

Oí, Patrícia.

What a beautiful blog! I find the black background very striking. It really sets off the photo of you holding a bowl of locotos.

Llajua sounds very much like pico de gallo / salsa cruda. I read one recipe for llajua that called for quilquiña. I'm not exactly sure what that herb is, and I don't think I've ever eaten any, but I know that when I make pico de gallo, I use fresh cilantro leaves; I imagine the tastes are similar.

I'm very fond of spicy foods, but I don't usually eat anything that's "superhot" (for example, something made with a lot of habanero chiles), but llajua sounds really good to me!

I love cooking! Carlinha and Cristina Costa and I once had an Internet show called "FoodBridges," as a matter of fact.

Keep up the good work on your blog!

Best wishes—

Dennis in Phoenix

P.S. I want to go to Bolivia, too!

Carla Arena disse...

Dear Pat,

I just found out more in common with Daniela. You know I love to cook and to eat good, flavorful food, but just like her, I don't eat things that are too hot. In fact, here in the US, because of Mexican influence, food tend to be extremely "picante"!

I think I'll pass locotos, but I'd love to know more about Bolivia and to visit it some day. Keep sharing!